pizza sketch update2

Pizza Poster

This is a a design I did for a community project on a site a frequent often. The only limit is it had to be pizza based. I went a little overboard and created a pizza invasion. It was fun to go away from my normal illustration subject matter, and was a great experience doing a finished piece in only a couple nights.

pizza sketch update2

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Skull Munny

For this munny project I wanted to rely entirely on paint instead of sculpting. Doing a large munny with only paint was a challenge for me because usually I have sculpting to base the painting on where here I had to create the space using just paint. I am pretty happy with this as a painting exploration as well as the final outcome. 

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camp fire final scaled to print

Campfire Print

 had this idea in my head for a while but have had trouble executing the finished design. I started many sketches before being satisfied enough to move forward with the design.
I wanted to capture the camp fire ghost story in a way that makes it clear but features my style. I have made the mistake in the past with designs not thinking ahead to the finished product. I did quite a few different color versions before landing on one that really represented the feeling I was going for. I wanted to give the feeling of sitting around the camp fire which very much relied on the color to bring it out.
From start to finish on this project I designed it to be screen printed on a black surface. I was happy with the finished result and learned a great deal from the process. camp fire final scaled to print

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Pumpkin Head Munny

This was my first full size munny and I decided to go with a heavy sculpted approach. There are a ton of great pumpkin head munnys that I have seen online and I really wanted to bring a new style to the subject matter.

Originally I wanted to airbrush this piece after sculpting but I had issues with the paint sticking to the primer so I ended up painting it by hand. I was pretty upset about having to sand the entire sculpt again to be able to prime it but it was really worth the effort.
I real change came in the style of this piece when I started to use a pinstriping brush to add line work. I really like the way it accented the piece and started to use it more until I came to the final product. The head is sculpty on the munny base and the paint is all acrylic. This was a truly large step in my sculpting and painting process. 


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christmas carol update

A Christmas Carol Print

I have always loved A Christmas Carol and wanted to design a poster that would be great as a Christmas gift without moving to far from my Grim roots and style. Of course A Christmas Carol is the perfect subject matter for merging these two things.
I started with a sketch or Marley and a rough sketch of the type. For the type on this poster I decided to create a completely custom font that was ornamental and what I ended up with was a big step forward for me for making custom type.
Everyone was very happy opening the posters. For Christmas I had some giclee prints made up at my work. I am planning on doing a screen printed run of these posters in the future.

christmas carol update

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black lagoon


A site I visit often and sometimes post on had a drawing a day project during the month of October and I decided I would give it a shot. I didn’t quite make everyday as it gets pretty rough with my day job. What it did allow me to do is to work on my process and doing a finished illustration every night really tested my abilities and process. It was good to get involved and it also gave me a new motivation to work on and finish Grim toys. 


blag lagoon sizedemon sizeSpider sizeskull sizeelectric zombie sizemoon sizedSpider sizedragon sizezombie sizewitchgoblin

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Chess Set

After seeing my Lincoln bust it was suggested that I make a chess set using the same style as the bust. At the start this project seemed like a huge undertaking, but the more I thought about it the more I loved the idea of creating a project of this size and developing the style I created over such a large platform.

I started with sketching each figure giving a great deal of thought about what to use as bishops and queens. After a good deal of thinking I decided to use Grant and Lee for queens. I thought about using prominent woman of the war, but unfortunately there aren’t really too many women that were prominent in the Civil War that also have clear sides. Also I knew I wanted to use both presidents and generals. It was around this time when I decided that all the non-king and queen pieces should be the same only different colors. I have played chess before with a set that every piece was different and I found it confusing.

After the sketches were approved I started sculpting each piece. I use a mixture of super sculpty and suculpty firm that holds the details but isn’t hard to sculpt. I have a couple of clay tools I picked up over the years nothing fancy just simple stuff. I already had the bases that I bought so I knew around how big each piece would be before starting. I started with Grant and Lee and after finishing those sculpts decided that I didn’t want the pieces that big and re sculpted them smaller.


After having the first couple done, I moved though the others fairly quickly getting all the sculpting finished before casting. I wanted to make sure all the pieces fit together as far as look so that they all look like they are from the same set.

When I started the casting I didn’t realize how long it would take. I started with the pawn mold and ended up going through three different molds by the end of production. Every morning I wake up and fill molds, and it’s the first thing I do when I get home at night. I can’t wait to get paint on all these and am excited to see them turn in to a set.

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Witch Munny

With this munny I wanted to use a straight forward approach. Starting with a few sculpty touches I then used pen and paint to complete the figure. I sculpted a cauldron complete with ghosts to go with it. I then entered it in a competition on, if you have never been to the site its a small community of talented toy customizers, so talented in fact that my custom didn’t make it out of the first round. I am still proud of the result, and it is now for sale in my store.

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